Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Best Pittsburgh Steelers 2011 Fight Songs

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a fan following that few pro sports teams can match.  Maybe when you talk of fanatics like Yankees fans or Manchester United can you equal the vigor that Pittsburgh Steelers fans support and embrace their teams.  The Steelers have some great fight songs, and a few not so great, and just about every die hard or passive fan has heard them on at least one occasion.  Putting together a list of the best Steeler Fight Songs was a bit on the tough side, but anyway here are a few highlights courtesy of YouTube:

The 2011 Italian Steelers Fight Song by the Cavaliers Italian Band

The Pittsburgh Steelers Polka 2011 by Gene the Werewolf

Steeler Ladies seldom heard by many, but still a great one

and Perhaps the most famous of the bunch Here We Go by Roger Wood

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