Monday, January 17, 2011

New Game For Family Game Night Lego Creationary

Anyone who has tried to find new activities for family game night or a family night has likely run into the problem of renewable fun. While board games and video games are a lot of fun, the usually run out of steam quickly. If the family or group is spread out among age groups the challenge is further amplified, because the easy games are too easy for the older crowd and the harder games are too hard for the younger set. Lego Creationary puts this problem to rest.

The basic concept of Lego Creationary is that one person rolls a customizable dice and draws a card with four different drawings. The person that rolls is the builder, and then attempts to build the corresponding drawing to what category was rolled. The other members of the family attempt to guess what is built. While challenging at first, once players familiarize themselves with the Lego Bricks that were included in the set, the action heats up and the creativity juices really start to flow.

Lego Creationary features three difficulties of cards, which is handy to keep all skill levels involved in play. Of course, additional bricks can be added to the game to keep play evolving, and just about any rules can be added or deleted to keep things fun for everyone.

In short, Lego Creationary is not your average board game. This is a game that stresses imagination and creativity. However, parents should know this is a game with a ton of small pieces, but as long as the kids (and pets) can be trusted, it can reward everyone with some entertaining play, week after week.  This game is sometimes impossible to find in stores, but is usually available online at a variety of retailers like Amazon.

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