Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sports Fans Should Stick To Authentic Sports Merchandise

The NFL Playoffs are fast approaching, and along with the playoffs come great weekend parties and festivities.  Naturally, you will want to look your best for these parties, and that includes your favorite NFL Team apparel.  This just in, Official NFL merchandise is a little pricey.  It is basic human (not to mention consumer) nature to find the best possible deal on a Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey or a New England Patriots Jersey or even a sweatshirt.  Unfortunately, many folks turn to cheap and illegal imports and knock offs to save a few bucks.

Not only is the basic concept of buying fake trademarked goods stealing, it really does not pay in the long run either.  Ask anyone who has purchased an import, and they will likely tell you the same thing.  The faked goods just do not hold up well.  You see there is a reason that NFL, NHL, NBA, and every other professional sports league merchandise is so expensive, and a lot of it has nothing to do with the player salaries.  A lot of it goes into the quality of the raw materials that make up that James Harrison Jersey, so that it does not fall apart in the first wash.  Same goes for that Alexander Ovechkin Jersey, Lebron James Jersey, even all those Manchester United Jerseys.

The old cry for consumers is that they did not know the jerseys or other products were fake, which is something of a surprise.  Considering an Authentic Reebok James Harrison NFL Jersey retails for more than $280 on, if someone is selling one for $50, chances are something is not quite right.  For seasoned collectors and sports fans, spotting fakes is as easy as calling a play offsides, but yet folks want to purchase these fakes to save a buck.

Lately, the United States Immigration & Customs Enforcement has stepped up the pressure on anyone purchasing illegal goods for import and preventing these goods from entering the country.  So before you are tempted to order a few Sidney Crosby Jerseys or Tom Brady Jerseys, remember that you may pay for those jerseys to someone on the other side of the world while someone much closer has a great chance of intercepting those jerseys.  That means consumers are laying out money for goods that never come, kind of the like the Detroit Lions (sorry Lions fans).

So sports fans do yourselves a favor this season, and go with 100% authentic items from a store or website you trust.  Not only will they last longer, but they will not get you put in the penalty box either.

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