Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is the Nintendo Wii U Going to Suck or Not?

The great unveil at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, was the Nintendo Wii U.  While the unit definitely looks cool, it will remain to be seen exactly what kind of offerings pop up to move Nintendo to the next level.  Sure the six inch touch screen controller is cool, and the 1080p support is even better, and of course keeping compatible with the Wii library of games is a great option as well.  The question is:  How will it sell?

The price of the unit is going to be the sticking point, that much is pretty clear.  Because at $400 and up, which seems unlikely, the hardware is out of range for the casual fan base that made the Wii so popular.  However, right around $300 the Nintendo Wii U could be a contender for some serious gaming dollars.  Which leads to the next big question:  What games will be out for the Wii U?

The games that have been announced so far include:  New Super Mario Bros. Mii, Dark Siders 2, Dirt Codemasters, Aliens Colonial Marines, Ghost Recon, and a few other interesting titles.  The Wii suffered from lack of support from a number of developers.  The best selling games were Mario games or Zelda games, which were also the best executed on the platform.  With the Wii U and the unique controller set up, it seems like more developers are going to see what they can do with it, which could be a very good thing.

The bottom line on the Nintendo Wii U is pretty simple.  Either it takes off or it sits on shelves.  Since it is compatible with Wii controllers and games, owners might want to move to the next level and pick up a Wii U.  The next gen graphics and potential for some very cool multi-player games is even better, still whether or not the Wii U ends up with P U remains to be seen.  Still, even with investors not being convinced, no one should ever count out Nintendo.

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