Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cheap & Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Couples

So you’ve suddenly found yourself able to attend that Halloween Costume Party, but you don’t have a costume…Well, here are some last minute costume ideas that you can throw together in no time. Most of the items needed, will already be in your home. The other items should be available at any big-box or thrift store. Bring along your date, or go solo, with these couple/individual options!

1.) Hippies- If you don’t already have some tie-dye, and bell-bottom or flare pants, head to your local thrift shop. Finish the look off with some large jewelry, small round sunglasses, and tie a scarf around your head like a headband! (Any peace sign jewelry and a long wig are a great touch.)

2.) 80’s Couple- Pull out your neon, shoulder pads, and hairspray! Tease your hair…the bigger, the better. Ladies, layers of neon are a must. Finish off the look with dangly earrings, legwarmers, and some colorful eye shadow. Guys, hit the local thrift shop for a blazer style sports coat, and throw it over a tight T-shirt. Pair this look with either some “Hammer” pants or stonewashed jeans!

3.) Doctor/Nurse- If you don’t already own a set of scrubs, pick them up at any store. Complete the look with a medical mask, a thermometer, and a stethoscope if you can find one! Most local big-box stores or pharmacies have these items.

4.) Bums- This is probably the easiest and cheapest option! Throw on a couple of layers of old clothes. Carefully, using a pair of scissors, put a few tears in them. Dirty yourself up a bit with some plain old dirt and/or makeup. Mess up your hair and if you’re brave, add a few leaves/branches. Take a mug and wrap a piece of paper around it with the words “Spare Change” boldly printed on the front. You can also add a “hobo” bag by taking a towel, filling it with newspaper and wrapping it around the end of a stick.

5.) Cowboy/Cowgirl- All you need to pull this look together is a flannel shirt, blue jeans, a cowboy/cowgirl hat, and boots. Ladies, braid your hair if it’s long enough, and give yourself some freckles with a little makeup.

These are just some simple costume ideas, make them your own with whatever you think applies to the look!

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