Wednesday, November 28, 2012

HDMI Splitters Make Life Easy for a Few Bucks

If yours is a tech heavy household, you have likely experienced a problem with port management on the big screen television in the living room. Connecting a Blu-Ray player, a Wii U, and a cable or satellite box to a single HDTV can be a chore if there are not enough HDMI ports on the TV.

Sure, you could use other connection options like component or composite inputs, buy you did not pay all that money for the HD set to experience less than cutting edge audio and video which the HDMI port allows? That means picking up an HDMI splitter is a must, because it allows three ports to pig tail into a single HDMI port.

Granted one of the devices needs a manual switch or remote control to switch back and forth between components and one is auto-detecting, but both provide the same valuable service—getting the most out of all those high-priced gadgets connected to the television. Better yet, these things are cheap, which makes them great stocking stuffers for the person responsible for connecting all those things to the HDTV.

Therefore, do yourself and the tech wizard in your house a favor this holiday season, pickup and HDMI splitter (and don’t forget the cables) to make sure your HD Christmas goes off without a hitch.

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