Thursday, November 1, 2012

The LG55LS4600 Provides a Great Picture at a Nice Price

I must admit that my husband was the one doing the research when looking to purchase a new flat-screen.  To me, the 37-inch off-brand that we had previously was fine.  When he told me the price of the LG 55LS4600, we couldn’t pass it up.  I am very pleased that we bought one.  While I thought our previous T.V. was fine, I can definitely see the difference.

The picture quality is so vibrant. The colors of the LED are very bold, and even dark scenes during movies are easily visible.  The 1080p resolution makes every show come in crystal clear, and the 120 Hz keep fast action sports from blurring.  While watching from any seat in our 350 square foot living room, there is no glare or “better angle.”  While it did come with a base, we decided to mount ours on a tilt wall-mount above our mantle.

The television itself is very thin and sleek.  The trim around the screen is also very minimal.  It is only about an inch wide around the top three sides and a little thicker on the bottom.  While helping my husband hang it on the wall-mount, I was surprised by how light in weight it is.  Our older T.V. was only a few years old, and like I mentioned smaller, but heavier.

While the sound on this particular model is not “surround sound quality”, I think it’s just fine for our large room.  We usually keep it set somewhere in the middle of the available range.  Something that I was particularly pleased with was the fact that the volume doesn’t fluctuate during commercials or movies.  It stays consistent, and does not need adjusted when changing channels like I have seen with different brands.

The only thing I didn’t like about this “energy saver” was that when in energy saving mode, the picture is so dark that it’s not easy to watch.  So, yes it does have this feature, but who would really want to use it?!

The original determining factor when purchasing was price.  I told my husband that I wanted to stay under $1000, giving him a challenge to find a 55” at this price.  In the couple of months that he searched, comparing brands and features, he never came across one so inexpensive.  We went to Best Buy to look at the picture before ordering one off of Amazon, where it was cheaper.  I’m sure it’s not the absolute best that’s out there, but for the cost and quality, we are happy with our purchase.

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