Monday, November 12, 2012

Walmart Black Friday Keeps Getting Earlier and Earlier

If stores like Walmart keep pushing Black Friday earlier and earlier, folks are going to have to start turning Thanksgiving dinner into Thanksgiving brunch, especially employees of the retailer.  Maybe it is becoming more of a Gray Thursday?  Still, with the release of its after-Thanksgiving ad specifying a starting a starting time of 8pm on Thanksgiving night there are deals to be had at a few special starting times with each event having a certain amount deals.

According to I4U News, last year Walmart Black Friday started at 10pm, but this year the extra few hours gives the retailer a chance to jump on holiday shoppers eager to save a dollar or two.  Plus as the report indicates, Walmart has decided to give a guarantee on the in-stock availability of a few hot items at the 10pm time slot, which is a good idea.

Still, Walmart has a long history of being the hub of Black Friday shopping activity with electronics, toys, and more moving off shelves and into shoppers’ carts.  Whether or not the earlier start time means anything could echo a 6pm start time in 2013.

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