Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What You Could Buy with the $500 Million Powerball Jackpot

With the Powerball jackpot being so completely ridiculously large at around $500 million, according to a press release from the Arizona Lottery, I got to thinking about all the cool things I could do with half a billion dollars. As it turns out, the answer was just what I expected—a lot.

Assuming a ticket price of $13.50 you could buy out an entire 250 seat movie theater with ten screens showing five movies per day—for a month. You could buy a brand new Ferrari 458 Spider for you and 14 of your closest friends. You could also buy this 8-bedroom 10-bathroom mansion in Beverly Hills, CA listed on and this 14,000 square foot mansion with six bedrooms and 13 bathrooms in Orlando, Florida. Plus, while you are in Orlando, you could buy annual passes to Disney World for a town with a population of 25,500. While you are feeling charitable you can buy iPad 2’s from Best Buy for twenty thousand people (the website is offering free shipping on these so it’s a great deal), and finally you can pickup the 80-inch LC80LE844U Sharp television from HHGregg for you and 4,799 of your closest friends.  Oh, and you can rent every room in a 105 room hotel with a room rate of $150 for a year.

Mind you, the above spending list only takes about $105 million into account, which means you still have close to $395 million to cover insurance, gas, taxes, and all those trips around the world. Now you know what it would be like to live like Oprah.  No question about it, that is a lot of money.

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