Sunday, January 20, 2013

The DeWalt DC970K-2 Drill Driver Reviews as a Great Tool

The DeWalt DC970K-2 Drill/Driver set in an easy tool to review. Simply put, it rocks. This guy handles just about every job imaginable for the average do-it-yourselfer. This is a ½-inch drill with portability and compactness designed right into it. That design makes this tool easier to get into tight places and the 5.2-pound weight means you can feel your arms at the middle and the end of the day.

Many times compact drills lack the power to handle big jobs, and are more suited to basic drywall related tasks. This DeWalt bucks that trend by having enough horsepower to use longer fasteners into dense wood with little trouble. The keyless ratcheting chuck makes switching bits a snap, which comes in handy but also means never having to hunt for a tool to switch from screw to drill.
The DeWalt DC970K-2 Drill/Driver set comes complete with two 18 volt NI-cd batteries, one hour charger, and carrying case. While admittedly not as stylish as the newer lithium ion batteries, the NI-cd’s mean no sudden loss of power and a longer shelf life for the battery. Plus, since two batteries are included with a one hour charger, work never has to stop to wait for the tool to catch up. The case is always a nice touch because it keeps the tool clean and ready to perform in between jobs.

All things considered for the price tag, this kit is one of the best and most versatile available. While I can’t really say as to the appeal to a professional contractor, for homeowners interested in doing a lot of work on their own, the DeWalt DC970K-2 Drill/Driver set is a nice tool to own. The size and weight make it perfect for simple jobs while the power makes it great for advanced work.

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