Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Books by Richard Castle Enhance the Synergy of the TV Show

When it comes to building great synergy, one television show that might not spring into your mind is ABC’s “Castle.” The Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic vehicle draws millions of viewers every Monday night, but fans can also take in one of Richard Castle’s best-selling novels that pop up on the show.

That’s right fans, “Heat Wave,” “Frozen Heat,” “Heat Rises” and “Naked Heat” are actual books. That character that Beckett inspired? Yep, Nikki Heat is the smooth sexy detective that Castle writes about so often, and fans can follow her adventures in the literary sense as well. Of course, there is also a writer who happens to serve as a consultant to Heat, and that character is also pretty similar to the one that Fillion brings to life on the television show.

Plus, the books drop an Easter Egg or two on fans who have followed the career of Fillion. “Firefly” fans will get a chuckle out of the names of two detectives that work alongside Heat and Rook, Detectives Malcolm and Reynolds. Sure they are minor characters, but you have to admire the creators taking the plunge all the way.

One of the cooler parts is that Castle is given credit as the author of the books, complete with a picture on the back of Fillion’s alter-ego.

As for the books themselves, they read just like an episode of the television series. Granted the stories are more in depth than viewers get in the hour episode, but that is one of the great things about books-They are always better than the movie, or in this case the television show. If you are a “Castle” fan, or just looking for a nice murder/mystery ready, check them out. You might be impressed at how well they hold up. Better yet, they are available in hardback, paperback, and even Kindle Formats.

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