Monday, March 11, 2013

The Clone Wars Canceled

Well, anyone waiting to find out what will become of Ahsoka after she quit the Jedi Order in the Season 5 finale of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” is a bit out of luck. According to Yahoo TV, the animated series that appears on the Cartoon Network has been cancelled.
For fans, getting The Clone Wars cancelled could not have come at a worse time, because the characters were undergoing a massive transition. However, according to Entertainment Weekly, the story of Ahsoka’s fate, which is an important factor in Anakin’s journey, could be continued in a direct to DVD release or even appear as extras on the Season 5 DVD (or even in a completed series release).

While it is unclear if the recent purchase of the Star Wars franchise by Disney had anything to do with the show receiving the axe, it would seem like a safe bet that Disney would want to move any type of animated series for a galaxy far far away to Disney XD to help increase subscription rates.

In any event, for the time being The Clone Wars is cancelled and fans will find themselves wondering what became of Captain Rex, Ahsoka, and even Asajj Ventress in the Star Wars lore. 

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