Saturday, April 20, 2013

10 of My Favorite and Best 'Smallville' Episodes

Just about every “Smallville” fan has a favorite episode or two, and thanks to the wonder of Amazon Instant Video fans can purchase those episodes for the low price of $1.99 ($2.99 for HD).  So while I love just about every episode of the series, here is my take on the top 10 episodes of “Smallville.”

10) “Run”

In Season 4, Clark meets up with Bart Allen.  Of course, all the comic fans out there immediately pick up on Bart as The Flash (the fastest man alive), and he and Clark forge an interesting relationship that evolves into a friendship.  This one is loaded with references that really makes it stand out.

9) “Aqua”

What’s a little bit cooler than The Flash?  How about a revamp of the Aquaman character?  In this episode Lois gets her life saved by someone that can swim faster than Clark, and the mystery man turns out to be Aquaman himself!  Of course, Lex is trying to develop a secret weapon that could also harm sea life, which means a team up is in order.

8) “Oracle”

The ghost of Jonathan Kent is hunting Clark down and trying to get him to kill Lionel Luther, talk about your tough days.  This is a great episode of the show because it really presents how low a certain villain will go to do Clark in.

7) “Doomsday”

Probably one of the more depressing episodes of “Smallville” considering this one features the death of Jimmy Olsen, but it remains on my list because of that fact.  It helps underscore just how brutal the world can be (and messing around with Doomsday is never a good idea).

6) “Pilot”

The one that started it all.  “Pilot” brought all of the main characters to life, and introduced the Clark and Lex friendship/rivalry that would continue until the very end of the series (and beyond).  There is something strange about seeing everybody so young, but when watching it you can not help but think they are all standing on the edge of a really great television series.

5) “Rosetta”

Come on, Christopher Reeve pops up as Virgil Swan promising Clark answers to questions.  The guy who started the whole Superman mystique helping to bring the next generation along- this episode is pure magic.

4) “Sneeze”

What I love most about this episode is the end when the newly arrived Oliver Queen says “Borneo” and fires an arrow into that exact spot in the globe on the Daily Planet, but I always enjoyed when Clark seemed a bit more normal.  So when he gets a cold, all sorts of issues start to creep up.

3) “Obsession”

Lots of fans would not have this episode so high on their list, but the Alicia character is someone who intrigues me greatly.  While her fate is sealed in an another episode of the show, I always enjoyed her appearances.  She was manipulative, but Clark always found a reason to see the good in people, but this episode shows that he could be wrong, seriously wrong about the teleporting girl.

2) “Finale” Parts One and Two

Since this was a two parter, I am cheating a little bit by cramming them into one.  Still, the return of Lex Luthor in a major bad ass way was something that “Smallville” was lacking for a few seasons.  Still, the series gets sent off in the right way, and I am grateful that we actually get to see Clark become Superman.

1) “Justice”

Come on, the last few seconds of this one with the entire team walking toward the screen with the exploding factory behind them is one of the most awesome moments of the entire series.  If you have not seen this one, you had better change that—quickly.

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