Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A New Star Wars Movie Every Year Could Do More Harm Than Good

Everyone has heard the phrase, “Too much of a good thing.”  According to Entertainment Weekly, Disney has announced plans to release a new Star Wars movie every year beginning in 2015, and possibly alternating between spinoff films (featuring certain characters) and a chronological story like we have all come to know and love (at least some of us, and not necessarily all six of the films in the franchise).

Not that I wouldn’t love to see a new Star Wars film on a regular basis, but I have to wonder if that kind of release system is not over-exposing the franchise and the characters.  Granted, there are already books, comics, and video games that take place at various points throughout the Star Wars timeline, but one of the things that made the original trilogy so treasured was its rarity.

Getting a new Star Wars film every year could be a major win for franchise growth and for new owners Disney, but there is a chance that the practice could do more harm than good.  If the franchise sticks with solid stories and great characters everything will be fine, but shoddy writing and cardboard characters are not going to get the job done.  Star Wars fans might be geeky by nature, but we are not idiots.  If not done right, these films will find themselves in a galaxy far away and right up there with the second trilogy.

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