Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Review of 'Lego City: Undercover' Shows the Franchise is Still Strong

The worst kept secret in the world of video games is the lack of great games for the Nintendo Wii U.  Luckily, a “Lego City: Undercover” review reverses the trend of the same old same old by putting some fun back into the newest console from the legendary video game maker.

“Lego City: Undercover” plays pretty much the same as the great Lego games of the past few years.  The major difference is that this title makes use of the massive touchscreen controller for the Wii U.  While largely just for player control and other creative tasks (like framing a picture), I was surprised how the control scheme was effortless.  The shoulder buttons to switch outfits or characters are in a nice position, and during chase sequences it is a nice break to check out the touchscreen for a glimpse of the map.

Another great thing about the latest Lego game is the graphics, which make use of the Wii U’s horsepower to make everything look fabulous.  Those graphics are important because during the game players will explore the massive Lego City as a police officer, and the settings vary from bridges to buildings to backyards.  Of course, they are all brought to life in typical Lego fashion.

The typical side missions and searches accompany “Lego City: Undercover,” which means that players can spend hours exploring the city and unlocking the various rewards.  The big downside is the lack of multiplayer, because co-op play was such a big part of making this franchise special.  

The lack of a second player is a bit disappointing, but overall the game gets high marks.  Playability, sound, graphics, and the control scheme are all excellent, and while the story is not exactly cutting edge, this title gets the Wii U some playing time, which it sorely lacked.  For the price, Lego City provides a nice value, check it out.

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