Monday, April 15, 2013

AutoRip from Amazon Aims to Upgrade Your CD Collection and Your Playlist

AutoRip from Amazon is one of those things that would seem unnecessary at first, until you realize that it saves you a little bit of time.  According to Engadget, any CD or Vinyl Album purchased through Amazon will include a free MP3 version of that same album in the Amazon Cloud Player, which allows it to be played through just about any device with an internet connection.

Even better is that Amazon is going back through your past purchases and putting any AutoRip eligible songs from those CDS or records and putting them into your account free of charge.  That’s a pretty cools deal, but probably unnecessary, because chances are those CD’s have already been ripped to your collection anyway.

Now purists who still want to purchase the actual physical compact discs can still do so, but still have online cloud access to those songs without having to make an additional purchase or connect artwork and other information.  Really not a bad strategy to get more people to use the music section of the massive online retailer.  

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