Friday, April 26, 2013

Five People You Should Have in Your Google Plus Circles

Google Plus might be the odd man out when it comes to social networks, but the network had 343 million active users as of the end of 2012, according to IBT, making the second largest social media outlet outside of Facebook.

Since Plus was integrated better into the Google line of products, users have been more keen to jump into the site.  Just like Twitter and Facebook, the Google line of thinking allows fans to interact with celebrities and other famous types in order to keep up to date on their tasks.  That being said, here is my list of five people that belong in your Google Plus Circles:

Sexy and sultry only begin to describe the great photos offered up by this girl, but she is also a bone fide sports fan and a pretty fair food critic.  Come for the pics; stay for the great writing.

Sheldon Coopers former nemesis has more than a few insightful offerings on newsy topics, home brewing, and a bunch of other musings.  More than that, he just seems plain old down to Earth, which is weird for a guy who made a career out of playing somebody in space.

Intelligent and insightful, Casey always shares interesting articles focused on the now, which is a good thing in today’s internet.

Okay, while technically not a person, The Onion will bring a smile to even the most sarcastic hearts from time to time and is definitely worth a Following Circle.

As far as comedians and actors go, Spade is one of the more underrated of the last many years.  I think he’s funny, and the photos he shares bring a smile and an lol on more than one occasion.

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