Friday, April 26, 2013

My Favorite YouTube Videos for the Week Ending 4/27

It’s always tough to narrow down an impressive field of YouTube videos down into five that I enjoyed over the course of the week.  Alas, I have decided to give it a try on a weekly basis, and while some folks will enjoy the videos and others will not, such is the great experiences available on the internet.  Here they are:

Thor – The Dark World Trailer

Really, another superhero movie?  Yes, and Thor 2 looks even more impressive than the first film.  Better yet, the Bobba Fett of the superhero movie world, Loki, is back (and in need of haircut).  This is one of those trailers that makes it difficult to wait until the release date.

56 Acronyms and Initialisms from Mental Floss

I can’t believe this does not get a million hits, because it is entertaining and educational.  This video let’s you know what those M’s on M&M’s candy mean as well as 55 other fancy initial touting words.  Plus, the host looks like he is having a lot of fun.

2013 NFL Draft Prank from FBallNation

Sports fans tend to pride themselves on being well informed on their particular sport, but the host here takes things to a whole new level by inventing names.  Those names are funny in their own right, but the reactions of the people on the street are what makes this such a great video.

Evolution of Music

I’m always a sucker for mashups, and this brief history lesson from Pentatonix just dials up my obsession even higher.  There are a ton of talented singers on YouTube, that much is clear, but this team must have practiced for years to get a sound so tight.  I dare you to only watch once.

How Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Should Have Ended

The team at HISHE should get some kind of medal in the world of creativity, because they always have such great videos.  This time they focus that energy on a classic Indiana Jones movie and expose a few issues that occurred near the end of the film.  This one is classic. 

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