Saturday, April 13, 2013

PSY Returns with 'Gentleman M/V'

The guy who brought K-Pop into mainstream pop culture is back.  That’s right PSY is back with a new song and video called “Gentleman M/V.”  Since it’s pretty hard to call “Gangnam Style” a huge success, because it was much bigger than that, anything coming in the aftermath is going to be closely monitored.

PSY and “Gentleman M/V” copy heavily from the general premise that made Gangnam such a big hit in the first place.  The song features an infectious beat and catchy refrain, and the video, while not as random as GS, features a lot of what made the first hit so big in the first place.  Here's a look courtesy of YouTube and OfficalPSY.

The massive dance sequences and shots of PSY and his incredibly hot dancers are just the beginning.  The brief scene of the Korean sensation playing around with someone in an elevator that obviously needs a bathroom could end badly for both people involved though, but I could appreciate the “Gangnam Style” homages throughout the video.

So is it a master stroke of musical genius?  Probably not, but PSY and “Gentleman M/V” is a lot of fun, and that is what really counts.    

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