Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Psy Taking the World by Storm (Again) with 'Gentleman'

K-Pop sensation Psy is no stranger to rocketing up the charts.  According to KPOPStarz.com, his new song “Gentleman” has now become the number one track on the iTunes global chart.  All things considered, not really a bad follow up to the horse dancing craze hit “Gangnam Style.” 

Over in YouTube world Psy is doing some pretty amazing things as well, as of this writing it has taken less than four days for the video of “Gentleman” to pass the 100 million views mark.  While the song still has a long way to go to catch the more than 1.5 billion views that “Gangnam Style” got, it is safe to say that Psy has another hit on his hands.

According to AFP, Psy released “Gentleman” in 119 nations last Friday, which only adds an impressive time frame to the level of his accomplishments.  There are not too many people that can make such global domination is such a short period of time. 

The video features Psy and his trademark humor, as well as massive dance sequences and that addictive and infectious beat of a song.  It seems safe to say that “Gentleman” could end up conquering the summer, just as “Gangnam Style” conquered the fall and winter of 2012.

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