Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Best Tech Gifts for Mothers Day

Mothers Day is approaching, and finding the right gift for the special woman in you life can be a bit tedious.  Moms hold a special place in our lives, which means finding a great way to show your appreciation on this special day.  In the increasingly digital world, the best tech gifts for Mothers Day skew all across the cost rainbow.

The Samsung Google Chromebook is a nice basic netbook-laptop hybrid.  The extreme portability of the 11.6 display and Wi-Fi connectivity make sure she is connected to her social media just about everywhere.  Plus, if Mom is a worker all her files are backed up to the cloud, and of course, by accessing the Google Play store she can have access to all the apps and music she desires, so don’t forget a Google Play gift card.

If your mother is into tablets, the Kindle FireHD or KindlePaperwhite are great options as tech gifts for Mothers Day as well.  The Kindle Fire HD sports a nearly 9-inch screen with plenty of options for apps, music, and movies.  And the Kindle Paperwhite provides a less expensive option as an e-reader, which holds over 1,000 books and has a high contrast screen with built in light for reading in low light environments.  Both are great electronic gifts.

If mom is into music, a lesser expensive option is the SansaClip MP3 player available in 4 or 8GB storage options.  The 4GB holds around 1000 songs and the 8GB holds nearly twice that, which means whether walking, working, or being out and about, mom will have the ability to take a huge music catalog where ever she goes.

So don’t sweat over finding the best tech gift for Mothers Day this year, because if you take a look around something will pop, and make the day very special.

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