Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Five Best Movie Trailers So Far

Movies are something of an addiction for me.  There is just something about sitting in the dark and experiencing something on a big screen surrounded by strangers.  While some movie experiences provide much more enjoyment than others, going to the movies is a great time.  Granted, it is getting expensive (especially for families), but this year’s crop of cinema offerings holds a whole lot of anticipation.  Of course, a great trailer in no way means a good movie, but here’s a look at some of my favorite trailers:

Iron Man 3

Really can you go wrong with Robert Downey Jr. dressed up as Tony Stark and Iron Man?  I didn’t think so, this could be the best of the bunch when the box office totals are tallied up for the year.

Man of Steel

Yeah I know, Superman movies have not been good for a while, but this one looks good from the trailer, and it could be the start of something new for the character.

Star Trek Into Darkness

When it comes to my favorite actors, Zachary Quinto makes the top five.  Chris Pine is no slouch as Captain Kirk either and Zoe, Sweet Zoe Saldana, all I can do is sigh.  Plus the film looks tremendous, and it might give movie goers a glimpse into what the new Star Wars film can hold.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

What is it about dystopian dramas?  They seem to be everywhere these days, and the further adventures of Katniss Everdeen looks like yet another hit.  Again some stupid trivia, the first Hunger Games movie out grossed any single Twilight or Harry Potter film, too bad there are only three books in the series.

The Purge

Yep, this is the dark horse of the race.  Imagine a future where all crime is legal for one night, for twelve hours everyone is permitted a release of all that built up rage and frustration.  What’s that you don’t have any?  Well, from the short trailer this looks like it could be the answer to the normal movie offerings.

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