Tuesday, April 23, 2013

USB Outlets Provide a Consistent & Simple Device Charging Solution

Cable management is an issue with any tech set up, and with homes today stocking up on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and electronic readers, finding a spare outlet to charge everything on can be a chore.  Luckily the folks behind such desires have taken notice and come up with an idea to include USB connections directly into outlets.

Leviton offers up the Leviton T5630-W, which is available in 15- and 20-amp varieties.  The unit features a regular three pronged plug on the bottom and two USB ports on the top.  This unit even uses a smartchip to optimize the charging ability of the individual devices connected, which means worry free charging.  This unit is available from Amazon for around $20, which can easily be recovered by not buying another charger.

The Cooper Wiring Devices TR7740W-K is another option for the dual USB crowd for under $16.  The cool feature about this Cooper Wiring Device, besides incorporating USB chargers into the outlet, is the LED indicator that goes on when the device is charging and goes off when the device is ready to use.

So if you are always rummaging around looking for where you put that charger, the newer home 
improvement technology crowd has more than a few answers ready to help you out.  Plus, the outlets give dedicated places to charge devices, which means they are always in the same place.  Think no more hunting for that iPod Touch or Samsung Galaxy Tab, now that is a great idea.

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