Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Vampy Bit Me & Deadpool a Paradoy Made for Every Fanboy's Dream

So there I was trolling on YouTube, trying to find something interesting to watch.  I have been writing about Psy and his global takeover with “Gentleman” for a few days, and the search turned up something a bit new:  Deadpool vs Psy in a parody of the video that has gathered the K-Pop sensation more than 100 million views.

So shortly after clicking play I was treated to the merc with the mouth in various ridiculous stunts, which is entertaining enough.  I mean who doesn’t want to dress up as Deadpool and hang out at conventions all day?  All of a sudden, my inner fanboy squealed just a bit when, Vampy Bit Me showed up in the video at the 1:48 mark.

A great cosplayer and and a great comic character combined for a funny scene that is well worth the view time and sitting through the song once again.  By the way, the terrific Vampy Bit Me can be found on Facebook for some great pics and insightful thoughts.

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