Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2013 Ellwood City Pa Memorial Day Parade a Great Time for All

When it comes to holiday celebrations, small towns can get it better than the big cities.  While little Ellwood City, Pennsylvania might not have the biggest Memorial Day party or the brightest Memorial Day lights, the annual parade is something to behold.  Sure it might lack glitz and glamour, but the half hour or so parade down main street is something to behold.  There were bands and bag pipes, and a lot of people tossing candy to children, and really how can you not enjoy that.  Here's a few pics:

Jozek the police dog certainly looked to be enjoying himself.

The Veterans Honor Guard were also all smiles during their trip down the thoroughfare, waving to all the spectators.

The Riverside High School Band was also looking top notch for the performance.

Indeed a few military vehicles were also on hand to delight anyone checking out the Ellwood City Memorial Day Parade as well.

Pennsylvania State Representative Jaret Gibbons also smiled and waved to the crowd of onlookers as well.

Of course, the Lincoln High School Marching Blue Band anchored the back half of the parade.

And the lone Bag Piper was a nice sight to behold as well.

As is tradition in parades, the local fire departments and emergency response teams lined up several vehicles for the trip downtown.

All in all, it was a nice way to spend the morning of the special day.  Sometimes we all get too caught up in the vacant buildings that populate the downtown area and forget what truly makes the town a special place.  If the Ellwood City Memorial Day Parade and the crowd that came with it are any indication, there still is quite a bit of soul left in this town.  And that my dear readers is what really counts.

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