Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Atari Breakout Alive Again Thanks for Google Image Search

When it comes to simple and addictive video games, Atari Breakout pops onto that list for a lot of folks in the, ummm 30+ age range who grew up playing the 2600.  The simple game involves using a line to bounce a ball and destroy a block wall. 
According to Mashable, the folks at Google have found a way to honor the birthday of the 37-year-old game by putting an Easter Egg into their image search.  Users simply need to enter “Atari Breakout” into Google Images Search and the magic starts to happen.

Basically, the normal image results screen gets rearranged into a playable form of the classic video game.  As if I needed another way to waste some more time, but it is still a lot of fun today.  Kudos to the folks at Google for bringing this one back (sort of) into its simplistic perfection.

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