Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Top 5 YouTube Videos for the Week Ending May 18

Every week I like to take a few minutes and highlight some interesting YouTube videos that made me smile, laugh, or got me to hit the replay button (often more than once).  As the Internet is becoming more and more a valuable piece of entertainment, YouTube often finds itself at the center of the online experience.  So here is a look at my top five YouTube videos for the week ending 5-18.

Pink just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and I actually included this video earlier this month, but the video for “Just Give Me a Reason” keeps me coming back for more.  I never really expected this type of song out of the pop music starlet, but the duet is kick-ass through and through.

Movies have a way of making us all smile, but sometimes their imperfections can slip through the cracks.  “Everything Wrong with Jurassic Park in 3 Minutes or Less” shows just how many flaws can be missed thanks to savvy editing or flat out disregarded by the movie goer.

I long ago realized that kids today will not know the pain of having to fast-forward a cassette tape to their favorite song, but “Things Modern Kids Won’t Recognize” highlights a few things that get my attention and make a little nostalgic for days gone by.  Anyone got any Crystal Pepsi hanging around?

“Obscene Gestures from Around the World” shows that some crazy hand signs don’t just happen in America, which means this video can come in handy for anyone traveling around the globe.

However, the highlight of the week comes from Marvel and the “Agents of SHIELD” trailer.  Hey, superheroes are hot, and the people that come with them can be equally hot.  In addition to revealing that Agent Coulson is alive and well after Loki stabbed him, the television show is clearly upping the ante for the fall television season.

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