Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Top 5 YouTube Videos for the Week Ending 5/25

What a crazy viral week it was for YouTube.  This past week saw many great videos pop up, and while much of the nation turned its attention to the tragedy that was tornado damaged Oklahoma, there were a few bright videos to come along as well.  That being said, let’s jump right into my top five YouTube videos for the week ending May 25, 2013.

First up is a charming video from a lady who just suffered one of the worst losses anyone can suffer.  The tornado has torn through her house, and in fact left her neighborhood in a pile of rubble.  However, she gets a nice little surprise when her little dog is spotted digging its way back to its owner.

Advertising got a shot in the arm this week, as major retailer Kmart popped back onto the viral wagon with “Big Gas” savings.  Sure it might be a little dirty, but it is funny and catchy.

Mental Floss again pops into my top 5 YouTube videos of the week for “50 Common Misquotations.”  As usual, it offers up some insightful and interesting facts about some common (and not so common) phrases we utter more often than we realize.

It was Comedy Week on YouTube, and the YouTube Challenge Challenge has more than a few familiar faces.  Plus, it’s a lot of fun to watch people try to cram marshmallows into their mouths.

Last up is a movie trailer for “We’re the Millers.”  The film is a new comedy from Warner Bros. and looks like it could be pretty good.  Oh, and Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper, which is an important footnote.

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