Thursday, May 2, 2013

Storage Wars Drops 3 Cast Members from Extra Episodes

When it comes to addictive television “Storage Wars” on A&E is one of the more insane addictions I have encountered over the years. However, according to Radar Online via Zap2It, “Storage Wars” has dropped 3 cast members from extra episodes this season. According to the article the show claims it was a money issue, but who really knows is Darrel Sheets, hotshot buyer thanks to his million dollar art find last season, and auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson will be back selling and buying units for another year.

This season of the show is already without Dave Hester thanks to a lawsuit he filed against the show concerning the producers seeding storage lockers with valuable goods, according to Reality TV Magazine. Hey, I love a guy with integrity as much as anybody, but there is something to be said about biting the hand that feeds you. Still, I get the impression that Dave was fine before his stint on “Storage Wars” and he will be fine without the show. After all, you don’t get the title “The Mogul” for not knowing what you are doing.

“Storage Wars” dropping 3 cast members from extra episodes is really not that big of a deal, unless it steamrolls into a major cast change. The cast is part of what makes this show (or any show) work, the other factor includes wanting to know what folks keep buried in those storage lockers. Still, already being down one, A&E will get everybody in line. Of course, all bets will be off if the trio are involved with the Hester lawsuit, because sometimes the hand that feeds you can smack you on the ass as well.

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