Friday, October 11, 2013

Great Gift Ideas for Doctor Who Fans

Few shows on television can boast the cult following of “DoctorWho.”  The show about the time traveling mysterious Doctor and his companions offers some cool dialogue and some fast paced storylines, which are only two of the reasons I enjoy it.

Since the series has fans that run across generations, finding a special gift for fan of the show is difficult just because of everything that is out there.  The problem is that there is a lot of crap, which is an issue with just about any popular television program.  Still, there are a few that really catch my eye.

Because of the cool sounds and the flashing light, the Doctor Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar makes a nice gift for just about anyone on your list, but the TARDIS & Dalek Salt and Pepper shakers offer something that can find a permanent place in the middle of the table.

Of course, the Dalek Projector Alarm Clock allows fans to awake to the familiar “Exterminate” shriek the alien race made famous, but unless the person on your list is a heavy sleeper it can get pretty annoying.  My personal favorite is the TARDIS Mug.  Although not understated by any stretch of the imagination, a coffee mug is a great way for fans to reveal their passion. 

Anyone, especially the younger fan, would probably love the Elope Doctor Who Laplander, which is a cool hat made up to resemble the TARDIS.  The downside of the knit hat is that it is kind of climate specific, but it does offer up a nice touch for any fan and is sure to get a second look or two (and perhaps a compliment from another fan).

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