Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Slew of Remakes and Reboots are Headed to TV

Personally, I’m on the fence with remakes and reboots.  While The Dark Knight Trilogy made for some great movies and performances, I just don’t get the whole picking up a property dusting it off and spinning a new television show or movie.  Some things should just be left alone.

According to Yahoo TV, there is a number of television shows based on old favorites getting ready for the pilot stage.  While many of these will falter long before they actually make it to the small screen, I have to wonder if the CW does not have some contractual obligation to DC (really The Flash and Wonder Woman to go along with Green Arrow?).  But I’m moving off topic.

My thoughts on a “Charmed” reboot are pretty much in the negative, but I would welcome a new series based on the Flash and maybe even Star Trek (the movies have been okay).  I get taking something that once worked well and turning into something newer has promise.  I mean isn’t that what happened with “The Big Bang Theory”?  The show has a lot in common with the once great “Friends,” it just moves things around.

In a way, my “on the fence” position is exactly what the producers of any of the potential shows on Yahoo’s list are looking for.  I will give some things a chance, but will out of hand dismiss others.  A regular series on “Falcon Crest” is not going to get me to program the DVR, but I might check out what they can do with “The Wizard of Oz.”  That chance is all anyone is looking for, and while I might fall prey to some stinkers, I could get lucky as well.

If you would have told me that a television series that draws inspiration from a Washington Irving short story would have got my attention a year ago I would have chuckled at you, but now I find myself strangely amused with “Sleepy Hollow.” 

We might lament the lack of innovation and creativity in Hollywood today, but some of the ideas are actually just as good as the originals and others, well, they get the axe after two episodes.

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