Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Disney Bringing Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and More to Netflix Could Be a Great Move

While it is not uncommon for television producers to be little creative when it comes to finding airtime for their shows, the partnership between Disney and Netflix is more than a little interesting.  For the most part, the deal to develop a live action series for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage culminating with an Avengers like team up, according to USA Today, proves that Disney sees a future where online streaming video is just as important as traditional cable television (Disney is not available via antenna).

Just like the Motley Fool points out, with the Netflix business model of releasing all the episodes on the same day, viewers do not have to wait a week or over a hiatus to see an entire run.  What it does is allow bloggers and social media buffs the chance to drive even more of the millions of Netflix users to the series.  That drives fans to stores and online sites to purchase merchandise.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Daredevil is going to kick things off in 2015, which is a year that will also see the second Avengers movie and the new Batman vs. Superman movie.  The year will definitely be packed with content dedicated to superheroes, and unfortunately the odds are against everything being great.  Therefore, the results of the Disney/Marvel marriage will be on full display for the critique of everybody.

Lastly, streaming media is probably the future of television.  Eventually, more and more users will flock to subscription based services and the traditional advertising revenue funded TV model will suffer.  Disney is taking a proactive approach by embracing the inevitable future, and with any luck some beloved characters will not suffer for it.

The Netflix and Disney partnership makes sense for a lot of reasons, and if it works fans can look for even more exclusive deals.  However, not just for Disney, producers of other television series and movies will be less hesitant to user the newer method of delivery—digital streaming.  

So far Netflix has done remarkably well, especially with House of Cards taking anEmmy, which means quality above quantity is going to be the number one priority.  That is tough when your business model is based on expanding and acquiring more and more subscribers.

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