Friday, November 8, 2013

Legos Will Again be Hot Toys for Christmas 2013

Like it or not one of the more popular gifts changing hands in any year concerns those little bricks that kids and adults of all ages love:  Legos.  If you have been away from the game for any length of time you should know that Lego Sets are priced all over the map and in many different categories.

Without a doubt kids love to count down to Christmas, and what better way than with a special Lego calendar?  The 2013 Lego Calendars feature Star Wars, Lego City, and Lego Friends themes, which means there literally might be a set for everyone.

Hey Star Wars is always hot, but Star Wars Lego sets take the hobby to a whole new level.  Everything from a simple replica of a landspeeder to Jabba’s Palace is available and ready to greet builders.

Speaking of builders, Lego offers a number of brick sets that are ideal for anyone just looking to build a house or a car or simply just play around.  These freestyle sets probably represent the best value for shoppers, because they are not designed to simply build one model.

In a move to get more younger ladies involved with the hobby, Lego Friends were born.  These colorful sets mimic tree houses, pet salons, pools, and cool houses.  These are some interesting toys that girls can appreciate.

With another Hobbit movie coming out this year, the Lord of the Rings Legos will be hot again.  The tough part is going to be deciding whether to pick up the battle of the wizards or another great set featuring the stars of the films.

The bottom line is that Legos appeal to different senses in a child.  The creative side, the methodical can I follow these directions side, the play with it after side, and much more, are all aspects that go into actually putting the set together.

Since the price points are all over the map, finding something in your price range for the special person on your list is really not that difficult;  however, anyone buying for a child should double check the age suggestions on the box.  Basically, the bigger the set (read: more expensive) the higher the degree in difficulty it is to build.  Of course, if mom and dad are in on the act, then everything is probably fair game.

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