Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Top 5 YouTube Videos for the Week Ending November 16, 2013

As usual it was a big viewing week in the world of online videos, and my top five YouTube videos for the week ending November 16, 2013 are all over the map.  There was a ton of content as usual, but these five videos really stood out for me:

Daft Punk by Pentatonix

I’m not sure if it is the effortless harmonic pitch matching or semi-disturbing contact lenses, but the folks with one of the top downloaded albums on iTunes really have an addictive quality to their music, and this video is no exception.

Maleficent Trailer

A live action movie based on one of the most terrifying Disney villains of all time?  Yeah, we got that.  Angelina Jolie looks fantastic as the title character and manages to add that quality of terror without having to be onscreen.  There’s just something about that voice.

Everything Wrong with Back to the Future in 8 Minutes or Less

Movies commit sins in the form of continuity, not making sense, or just plain ignoring something that happened literally two minutes ago.  This video (and the entire series for that matter) are just plain fun to watch.

Jingle Hoops

A group of NBA stars play “Jingle Bells” by making baskets.  Is it real, no most likely not, but it makes for a cool 30-seconds of viewing.

Zelda A Link to the Past- Overworld Theme Acapella

Lucky for me there is always somebody looking to help the inner geek inside of me get to the surface, and what better way than to take one of the greatest games of the 8-bit era and add some acapella sounds.  This guy flat out owns it and is fun to watch. 

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