Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Schlitterbahn Makes More Waves with World Record 17-Story Verruckt

The race for the fastest and tallest anything in the world of theme parks is usually something that creates a physics pushing game of one-up-man ship, and the world of water parks is included in that game.

According to Yahoo!, Schlitterbahn is getting ready to open a water park with a 17-story high waterslide, which is a world record.  The huge ride’s construction was shared by the company with a neat little Vine:

Already famous for innovations in waterslide designs, including a water coast that propels riders uphill, Schlitterbahn is including the 17-story Verruckt (which means “insane” in German) at the new Kansas City, Kansas location.  Potential riders need not worry though, as on Verruckt a raft carrying four passengers plummets down the huge first hill, according to  The official dimensions of the mammoth waterslide will not be released until the measuring ceremony early in 2014.

Schlitterbahn is already famous for appearing on several travel shows, which is why the name might sound familiar.  For thrill seekers the quest to build the biggest and fastest of anything is a major asset, and the new park is sure to attract adrenaline junkies and water park enthusiasts from around the globe just to take a dive on the ride.  

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