Friday, November 8, 2013

Shopping Online for Black Friday 2013 Deals Eliminates Fighting the Crowds and Awkward Hours

With Black Friday 2013 quickly approaching, retailers are busy plotting their strategy to get customers into the stores.  According to the Associated Press, Best Buy will be opening at 6pm on Thanksgiving night, and K-Mart will be open for 41-straight hours starting Thanksgiving morning, according to ABC15 News.

The K-Mart hours have caused some backlash by customers and employees, because the holiday gets lost in all that doorbuster excitement.  Not to mention, employees who end up working on the holiday might find it difficult to squeeze in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  Not surprisingly, retailers cite feedback from customers as the reason why Black Friday is creeping further and further into Thanksgiving.

So what are you to do if the hours of the stores and the general commotion and long lines makes you feel less like shopping and more like staying in the warm house enjoying some dessert or even a late night snack?  If the thought of pouring over all those leaked Black Friday 2013 ads starts to churn your insides, you might be able to find just as good a deal by shopping online.

Many doorbuster sales are duplicated by the websites of retailers (sadly not all), but prices at major online retail sites like Amazon can often equal or best the advertised prices at Black Friday sales.  Of course, when you factor in a good night sleep, not waiting in line, not fighting crowds, gas for the vehicle, and other external factors shopping online is often easier and better than heading out with a belly full of turkey.  Plus many deals are available long before the lines start to form at the stores.

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