Monday, November 18, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force One of the Hot Christmas Toys of 2013

In case there is not enough plastic action figures sitting around the video game area in any given house, one of the hot Christmas toys for 2013 is Skylanders SWAP Force.  This is the third entry into the realm of collectible figures and video games for Activision, and this entry in the series is very similar to the first two:  Spyro’s Adventure and Giants.

The gameplay is similar to many other platform games around, and the leveling up of the individual characters is very close to what role playing games have to offer.  Basically, increased attack and defense capabilities are earned from collecting treasure from the various levels of the game.

Of course, this time there is a little difference with the ability swap out powers with the characters.  Hence the name of the game:  Skylanders SWAP Force.  The usual player favorites are all here, and several new Skylander characters are also available.  In addition, players should keep their eyes peeled for rare and variant characters as well.

The game is available for all of the major systems, and the Wii U, and requires very little in the way of installation.  The collectible nature of the figures and the game itself are really easy to get caught up in, which is why this is one of the hot toys of Christmas 2013.

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