Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Amazon Prime Air a Stroke of Creative Genius

By now just about everybody has probably seen the YouTube video about Amazon Prime Air, which offers drone delivery of packages within thirty minutes.  If you haven’t it is definitely worth a view or two.

While images of science fiction gone wrong can quickly spring to mind with thousands of octocopters whizzing through the air bringing packages quickly and efficiently to customers all over the country, even Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos admits the process is years away, according to the Boston Globe.

However, the idea is not without challenges:  The cost for Amazon Prime Air delivery is also something of a question, the FAA is going to have a thing to two to say about it, what about drones dropping packages on the heads of passersby, and finally, what is some renegade shopped decides to take shoplifting the way of skeet shooting.

Still, the move was a stroke of genius, because the segment aired on “60 Minutes” before the biggest e-commerce sales day of the year—Cyber Monday.  That meant that while everyone was at work thinking about what special deals to buy, Amazon was hot on their mind, and on their keyboard.

So drone delivery might be a few years, or farther away, but eventually it is something that could work, and just the idea deserves a round of applause, because it is marketing genius at work and proof that the internet retailer has eyes on the future—realistic or not, who knows?  But definitely chat worthy.

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