Monday, December 9, 2013

Candy Crush Saga Has Been Downloaded How Many Times and Makes How Much Money?

So there I was wasting away some time in between edits playing Candy Crush Saga, when I got to thinking, “I wish I would have thought of this.”  By then of course it was too late to derail the thought train, and off we go.

We all know that Candy Crush is a popular app for Android and Apple devices, even on the Internet, but how many people would guess have installed the game?  Seriously, take a stab, remember though when it comes to console based games, Wii Sports (being bundled with the original Wii console) technically sold around 83 million copies, according to Wikipedia (not supposed to use that as a source but it sounds close to being right to me).  So what’s your estimate for Candy Crush, 5 million?  10 Million? 20 million?

Wrong on all three guesses folks.  According to The Verge, Candy Crush Saga has been installed (you can’t say purchased because it’s free) around 500 milliontimes.  That’s right half a billion.  Of course, you have to assume that some people (yours truly included) have installed the game more than once on different devices, but that number is just out of this world.  Of course, you also have to realize that not everybody actively plays the game every day or even at all.  Still, the folks behind the game, err app, must be doing alright?

In short,, the folks behind the game, are making north of $850,000 per DAY off the free app, according to Eonline.  That’s a lot of extra lives, unlocked levels, and other assorted goodies regularly for sale for in-app purchases.  Even if that number has to change pretty regularly.  Where’s Red Buttons when you need him?  Oh yeah:

So it’s pretty clear that in-app purchases can drive some substantial financial returns for a company, and is probably riding high right now, but how long can it last.  Don’t worry Crushers, Candy Crush was released in September of 2012, which means the one-year mark has come and gone and it’s still around and still one the top-grossing lists in the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

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