Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Don't Be Part of the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Unclaimed Lottery Ticket Winnings

Well two lucky people (well two tickets anyway, hopefully as many people as possible benefit from the win) managed to overcome stratospheric odds and win the Mega Millions jackpot.  Congratulations to those winners, and if you didn’t win don’t just toss those tickets into the trash.  Check them first, in fact, check them twice.

According to CNN, an average of 2-percent of winning lottery tickets, both the scratch off and number drawing varieties, go unclaimed every single year.  Not a big deal huh?  Well, what if you learned that that 2-percent amounted to nearly $800 million every single year.  Makes that Mega Millions jackpot look tiny huh?

In fact, according to NBC News, 2013 is going to be light in the unclaimed winning lottery ticket department coming in at around a half billion dollars.  Pocket change.  So how does this happen?

According to FOX43, most of the winning tickets are for under $10, which could be a result of all those work pools producing lighter than normal winnings and never getting noticed.  Maybe folks just don’t check the tickets, and maybe just maybe, folks have no idea that there are other prizes in the drawing besides the jackpot.  For whatever reason, all that unclaimed lottery money needs to find a home.

Of course, it does find a home, it goes to the state.  While I’m sure (read: sarcasm) all the money gets split up between the programs the lottery supports anyway.  Of course, that will take a little more research than a solo blogger (that would be me) is willing to produce at this point of a Wednesday in order to verify.  Therefore, I implore you to take advantage of those scanners at lottery retailers around the country and check those tickets.

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Yes, you might not have won that jackpot, but you might have managed to take a couple of dollars or so.  As any investment manager could tell you, all those little winnings really do add up.

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