Sunday, December 29, 2013

Five Biggest Tech Fails of 2013

Capping off the outgoing year by highlighting the best it had to offer is subjective to the writer and doing the same with the failures of year are too.  The tech world saw some interesting things over the course of the 12-month period, but these five made my list of the top five tech fails of 2013.


Imagine you are the leader of a new healthcare website, wouldn’t you want to make sure it worked before launching it nationwide?  Apparently, you would be alone, because the site was brought live all at once, and as any tech junkie can tell you rarely can you launch something with that kind of user base and have it work right.  Whoever was to blame, leadership or the digital folks behind the scenes, this was a big stinker until everything got sorted out.

#4 Nintendo Wii U

I’m one of the biggest advocates that the Wii U will have a big comeback in 2014, but I sit on the side of the fence with very few other people.  It’s never good when your product is being compared to Windows Phone, and the flop that the Wii U is proving to be could be a problem for Nintendo.  That being said, I have confidence that Nintendo will not let that happen.  Still, there is little proof that the mismarketed new game console belongs on this list due to lackluster sales.  Despite its yearlong headstart, the console is getting kicked around by the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

#3 Windows Surface

Competing against the all popular iPad is difficult, just ask Microsoft.  Perhaps the Surface is too expensive or maybe the different versions are a bit confusing for buyers, but either way the devices are not flying off store shelves for some reason.  This despite a marketing campaign and more promotional placements than you can stick a shake at.  Surface just can’t seem to break through like the Android tablets have.

#2 BlackBerry

When the company founder starts selling stock it’s never a good sign for a company, and BlackBerry has been barely relevant in the world of smartphones with users and businesses opting for sexier and easier to use iPhones and other competing tech. The issues of once powerful BlackBerry are pretty well publicized and unless things turn around fast the company is going to have an even worse 2014 because it won’t be around to see 2015.

#1 Smart Watches

Like you need one more thing to charge?  The whole wearable technology and gadget market escapes me, and I’m as tech oriented as anyone.  Maybe pairing a smartwatch with a smartphone is going to change that, but I just don’t see a future in buying a product that does pretty much less than one you already own does just to stay connected.  Sure smartwatches might be a niche product, but until something really shakes loose, these devices are just not going to catch on.  I mean, how many have you seen people wearing?

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