Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Minute New Year's Eve Party Games for Kids

The last night of the year is usually a great time for adults, but kids can find the long night a little dull.  So coming up with a few New Year’s Eve game ideas or activities for kids, because everybody tends to wait until the last minute, should be a goal for parents that will be bringing the younger set with them or staying up late at home.  Here’s a few ideas to get you going:

Times Square Bingo

While watching the ball drop in Times Square is always a fun time, embellishing the event for a truly memorable time is actually not that hard.  While the game can be customized to fit any kind of format, the basics is to come up with a few different lists of ten things.  Anything.  Guy wearing red gloves.  People in uniform.  Taxi cabs.  Pizza signs. The key is to make sure that the lists needed are different, but a portion of them can have duplicate things.  Once somebody sees something on the list, it gets crossed off.  The winner is the one who crosses everything off first or the most things crossed off by the time the ball drops.

Make a Hat

Kid love crafts, and one New Year’s Eve treat that kids of all ages will love is making a funny hat.  Yes, you can go all out an purchase hats from a craft store to be decorated with items, or you can get some construction paper, newspaper, and other miscellaneous things and see what kind of crazy concoctions your team can come up with.

LEGO Brand Retail

Guess the Lego

Just about every home has access to a few Legos, and the colorful bricks can be used to make any number of different things.  The game consists of having one player build something out of the bricks and having everyone else guess what it is.  Obviously, skill level comes into play here and pairing a younger child with an older child or adult can really kick things into high gear.

Scavenger Hunt

Making a list of things that players must accomplish is always a good time, and with the unpredictability of children the game can get hilarious.  Be sure to include items that kids have to get pictures of, which can include pets, people, and food. 

These are just some ideas to get you started.  Remember, video party games like Dance Central 2014 are always fun for kids and it keeps them active.  Also, old favorites like musical chairs and more are fair game to keep the kids occupied.  Generally, if the younger crowd is having a good time so are the parents. 

Happy New Year to Everyone!

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