Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How Much is the Mega Millions Jackpot Today? It could be a Billion Dollars

A billion dollar Mega Millions Jackpot?  Now that would be a nice Christmas present.  Of course, the multi-state lottery game is going to need a little bit of help in reaching that lofty goal.  According to USA Today if the next two drawings, that would be Tuesday night December 17 and the following date, the drawing for Tuesday December 24, 2013 would likely be a billion dollars.  It sounds insane, especially if you were wondering how much the jackpot is today.

Imagine the media hype and frenzy surrounding that kind of a jackpot.  Granted, it would be nice win the current grand prize which is just under $600 million (and will likely grow a touch above that), but just to say the billion mark has been passed by a lottery jackpot would be cool to say.

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Obviously, that’s a serious amount of cash, but so is the current amount.  While like everyone else who buys a ticket, I hope I win, I would also love to see the ultimate cash prize of a billion dollars get spread out among 20 winners who in turn take care of 20 people who take care of a few more people.  Think of it as the ultimate version of pay it forward.

While the odds of winning are astronomical, some lucky person or people is eventually going to luck into instant riches and the issues that come along with it.  I’m sure the problems that arise from having that much cash laying around are pretty serious, but those are some problems I would love to take a chance with.

So while the Mega Millions jackpot continues to grow up to the drawing, some folks will be rooting for there to be no winners just to take a chance at a prize that outweighs the expectations of anyone who puts up a dollar or two for the chance.  That is the ultimate investment, if it pays off, and if not, well, I guess it’s back to work tomorrow.

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