Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Top 5 Movies of 2013

When you think about your favorite movies for a “best of” list a lot of issues arise.  Coming up with a best movies for 2013 top five was surprisingly difficult.  I guess there was more quality films than I thought, or maybe I’m not as picky as I once was.  Really hard to say, in any event here’s another look back on the year and the films that made it special for me:

When it comes animated features, Pixar is one of the most reliable around.  While “Monsters University” was not necessarily the best work to come out of the studio, it represented a nice visit with some old friends.  It’s been a while since Mike and Sully graced the big screen, and it brought back a few memories of hanging out with my much younger daughter.  I guess it is a sentimental pick.

#4 Thor: The Dark World

Loki alone would be enough to get this film onto my top five, but the movie was actually nice.  Chris Hemsworth really sells his role as Thor, which can’t be that easy, and the story and look of the film was terrific as well.  I mean come on, how many people wanted to cry when Thor’s mother died?

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Very few movies can drive a conversation with complete strangers.  The thought of having one night a year where all crime is legal is the driving force of “The Purge.”  Hey, it might not be the best film ever, but it was thought provoking.  Yeah, it was a bit predictable, but those masks were pretty creepy, and really what was the kid thinking?  Letting a strange man into the house?

Robert Downey Jr. managed to make what was a second class Marvel character into a box office phenomenon.  I really believe it was all about his performance that put these films into the next level.  In that respect, without him “The Avengers” might never have happened.  However, IM3 was more than just a “Return of the Jedi” climax to a trilogy, it offered a glimpse of a damage person trying to make his life work again.  That and like a gazillion suits.

Gru to me is a lot of fun, but those minions steal the scenes.  The girls are growing up and even reformed villains have parenting issues.  A worthy follow up to what was a great original, “Despicable Me 2” was funny, charming, and macho.  This one was my favorite from the year, but only because “Desolation of Smaug” came out too late to make the list.  (I’ve been working at my real job.)

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