Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Top Music Videos of 2013 That You Might Not Have Seen Already

Wrapping the year up in a nice bow, much like a package that anyone can open at a given time, presents difficult challenge.  So after covering books, TV, songs, and movies, I set my sites on music videos.  However, narrowing the top music videos of 2013 down to just five can be a bit difficult, because of the amount of content available.  Still, tackling the challenge, albeit a subjective one, is a task that everyone should be up, because I took a direction of videos that you might have missed over the course of a busy year.  So here’s a look at what I decided on, oh there’s no Miley Cyrus so if you wanted to see her you might as well head over to another website right now:

#5 Pentatonix “The Evolution of Music”

While most music videos opt for high end effects and some kind of craziness, having five people singing seems a bit strange.  Unless those five people are the members of Pentatonix, because they take you on a musical journey through the decades and give you a glimpse of just how much music has changed over the course of the years.  This video is quite simply great.

#4 Karmin “Acapella”

You know, I’m not entirely sure I get this video.  The whole eating toast part is a bit odd, but I think it’s a visual reference of some kind.  The song did well enough on its own, but the use of color in the video along with neat little dance number or two are what really sell it.  It’s mind numbing in a way, but it kept popping up on my playlist for some reason.

#3 Family Force 5 “Chainsaw”

Hard not to love a good chainsaw song.  I mean anything devoted to a power tool has to be cool right?  The lumberjack theme and interesting lyrics alone put this video on replay for most of the year.  That and it looks like it was a ton of fun making it, I mean come on just cutting stuff up is pretty cool.

#2 Lindsey Stirling (and Pentatonix) “Radioactive”

When it comes crazy violin playing Lindsey Stirling should win some kind of award, and the cover of “Radioactive” complete with some singing from PTX makes this video a win that never stops giving.  It’s addicting and inspiring at the same time.

#1 2012 Pop Danthology

Over the course of the year listening in on what the previous one had to offer was as interesting as anything else, and the 2012 Pop Danthology offers a glimpse of what was and how it has given way to what is.  Simply addicting and well done, this is one that just keeps giving treats.  Plus, trying to remember all the songs and artists is a challenge on its own.

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