Monday, December 30, 2013

The Most Interesting People of 2013 I'd Have Dinner With

The year is quickly winding down, and while for the most part I’ve been highlighting what made the past twelve months such an interesting experience the last few days, I thought it would be a nice idea to look at my version of the most interesting people of 2013.  Granted, there were a lot of headline makers over the year, and while some of the folks on my list certainly made headlines, for the most part they are just folks that inspired me with stories and careers and represent a nice of people I would like to have dinner with sometime in 2014 (never going to happen).  Take a look:

#5 Lucy Liu

If you told me the “Elementary” star was 45-years old, I would have called you wrong.  Not only is Lucy Liu that old, but she totally owns the role of Watson.  She has been in the acting game a long time, and she and Johnny Lee Miller manage to be one of the most entertaining casts on TV.  Lucy is an inspiration to all of us middle aged somethings still searching for ourselves, but the fact that she managed to do it looking as fabulous as she does demonstrates that the woman likes to work hard.  Anyone with that kind of work ethic and to last that long in show business are just remarkable.

#4 JK Rowling

Now that Harry Potter fever has subsided, it turns out that Rowling does have a literary life beyond the boy wizard.  Writing under a pen-name she managed to deliver one of the most entertaining books I read over the course of the year, and it was a mystery novel.  Rowling makes my list because she could have simply churned out Potter books for years to come, but she took the harder road.  That kind of dedication (and confidence) take a special person, because not everyone will leave their comfort zone.

#3 Lindsey Stirling

The first time I heard Lindsey Stirling playing the violin on YouTube (ok, saw her play), I was awestruck.  Yes, the poses and flamboyant dance moves she makes when playing are fabulous, but this entertainer has found a way to take the craft of playing an instrument to the next level.  She actually seems to be dancing with her music and conducting the violin to play itself.  I could listen to her play all day, and still come back for more tomorrow.

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#2 Robert Kirkman

OK, my comic book roots are showing, but Robert Kirkman as creator of The Walking Dead certainly has a full plate.  Not only is the TV show going to be spinningoff another series, but All Out War has come to the comic universe, which means the guy is legitimately busy.  The TV show and comic differ greatly between events, which is what makes him so interesting.  Granted he has a team of individuals he works with, but he manages to keep his vision alive in each project.  Managing to accomplish what he has done takes a certain amount of charisma and the ability to inspire, how cool would a dinner with this guy be?              

#1 Medical Marijuana Refugees

It’s a pretty well-known fact that causes with children at the center get my attention quickly.  Imagine having a child that experiences seizures for any reason, now imagine trying to control those seizures with pharmaceutical medications, now imagine those medications either not performing well or rendering enough side effects to keep the child asleep for prolonged periods of time.  Think about exhausting medical options, and then familiarize yourself with the story of a few kids who were exposed to medical marijuana low in THC, which means no “high,” at the Realm of Caring.  The point is parents are migrating to Colorado and other marijuana friendly locations just to get the medication that COULD reduce seizures with limited side effects and maybe even give their children a chance at a better quality of life. 

Sure it’s not a miracle drug, but taking the risk for just a chance is somewhat inspiring.  Often we talk about the importance of quality parenting, and anyone who has moved knows the challenges associated with it.  The thing is, these people are leaving their families, jobs, neighborhoods, and more behind just to take that chance.  And that is a chance worth taking, which makes anyone willing to put their child’s needs ahead of their own, something that all parents should be familiar with, at the top of my list because they are willing to take a chance at blazing a path that others can follow.

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