Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Top 5 YouTube Videos of 2013

Usually, I take a weekly approach to the viral video goodness machine that is YouTube.  However, since this is the last Saturday of the year, I decided to put forth my top 5 YouTube videos of 2013.  Hey, there is a lot of content floating around Google’s video sharing website, so watching everything seems a bit impossible.  Everybody has videos and clips that they trot out to show to family and friends, and these five were things that just about everybody (age permitting) got treated to:

#5 2012 Pop Danthology

This video and audio documentary of 2012 got played as recently as yesterday.  Of course, the worst thing about success is that people expect you to do it again and again, and kimaginati0n delivered again in 2013, but the 2012 version was one of the more popular things I watched this year.  Will this year’s make next year’s?  Who knows, but it’s looking good.

#4 The Wizard of AHHHS

There is something oddly addictive about Todrick Hall’s “The Wizard of Ahhhs.”  Maybe it’s all the familiar tunes, maybe it’s the stunning visuals, and it could be the great visuals.  No matter what, they all lace together to produce a creative take on an American classic with stunning results.

#3 Bad Lip Reading The Walking (and Talking) Dead

One of the more creative channels on YouTube, Bad Lip Reading produces some of the funniest and most entertaining videos out there.  Their take on “The Walking Dead” was funny, crisp, clever, and everything a viral video was meant to be.

#2 The Evolution of Music

Hard to imagine that five people singing would make one of my favorite videos of the year, but the team of Pentatonix manages to do just that.  It’s a musical journey through centuries and decades, and the tight performances can be summed up in one word—fantastic.

#1 Batman Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex

College Humor has a knack for delivering some crazy things on screen, and the skits featuring a less than sharp Batman are some of the most hilarious on YouTube.  This particular skit offers a unique take on “The Dark Knight Rises” and produces a few cringe worthy moments and too many laugh out loud moments to count.  Oh, this one is NSFW and probably not ready for the ears of any children in the room.

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