Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bendable, Curved, and Flexible TVs Taking Center Stage at 2014 CES

image from CNet.com

Bright lights from Ultra High-Definition television sets are again taking center stage at the Consumer Electronics Show.  However, this year’s crop of crystal clear displays offer something that is relatively new compared to Internet connectivity and 4K.  The centerpieces of many tech companies at 2014 CES, TV companies that is, involve bendable and curved UHD displays.

 According to USA Today, the size of all the different bendable TVs is simple awe striking.  Of course, the thought is that that curved units offer a more immersive experience than traditional flat-panel models, and anyone that has come up against a curved model will likely agree with that sentiment.

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Tech Radar highlighted a 105-inch curved Ultra 4K HD television at the event in Las Vegas, but the company is expected to pull back the curtain on a few bigger and badder tablets as well.  TVs in the 100-inch size range (heck even 70-inches) are something of a hard sell to consumers, not simply because of price, but also due to the shear amount of room needed to accommodate the display.  Therefore, besides being toys of the super-rich, those displays are probably better served to businesses.

According to the LA Times, Samsung curved televisions will be popping up in retail stores in the Spring of 2014, which should give the company plenty of time to decide if consumers are already looking to upgrade any of the displays currently at the center of attention in their home. 

Curved TVs, and even bendable TVs, are pretty cool, but until the technology takes over the display area at discount stores, so viewers can have a look, the stuff is going to be the thing of dreams for movie watchers, TV fans, and gamers across the globe.  Still, you never really know with tech.

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