Monday, January 20, 2014

Erin Andrews Holds it Together Through Richard Sherman Rant

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I have to say I’m impressed by Erin Andrews.  Not because of how she looks, but how shehandled herself in her post-NFC Championship Game interview with the Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman.  Sherman was clearly agitated-in an intense manner one might expect from a professional athlete.  Andrews held it together by asking a follow up question to his rant, which is exactly what a report should do.  Thanks to the magic of the Internet here’s the interview:

Sherman managed to outplay 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree on a highlight that pretty much every football fan has seen at this point by tipping the ball to a teammate for the game clinching interception.  I’m not sure if Sherman was aware how he came off, but Andrews clearly deserves a little more respect that what he showed.  I get he was excited, but come on.

Andrews held the line on the interview until Fox cut away unexpectedly, and she handled that with class and poise as well.  I can think of at least five other reporters that wouldn’t have managed to hold it together as well as she did.  She just needs to be commended for it.

Sherman’s outstanding play put his team into the Super Bowl.  How often does a defensive player get to say that?  Isn’t it usually a last minute pass by a QB or a kick?

In the meantime, the Seattle defense needs to start studying up on film, because as good as the 49ers offense was they are not exactly on the same page as the Denver Broncos.  Peyton Manning will be ready to take the Seahawks to task, and the Super Bowl could be one heck of a matchup.

So while folks are getting ready looking for decorations for the big game, the Broncos and Seahawks will be getting ready to share the spotlight and deliver a great football game.  

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