Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fascinated by the Mystery of Oak Island

I always did love a great mystery.  Everything from books to real life mysteries actually.  I enjoy TV shows that solve problems or confront situations, and lately I’ve been drawn into the “Curse ofOak Island” on the History Channel. 

If you are not familiar with Oak Island or the Money Pit here’s a quick overview.  Basically, there is a pit on an island off the coast of Nova Scotia (yea Sidney Crosby), upon digging in the pit so far down oak boards were laid, ten feet down more oak board, etc, etc, until someone triggered a booby trap that flooded the pit with ocean water.  Of course, while excavating before the flood, a rock was found that had a cypher on it, saying that two million pounds is buried below.  Who dug it?  What’s with the oak planks?

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The Money Pit has been a mystery for 200 years and now two brothers are taking the challenge to the next level, which is chronicled in the History Channel series.  Some say pirate gold is buried there, some say the Holy Grail or Ark of the Covenant is buried there, who knows, it is just one of those great stories.

There are of course other things happening right now in the world as well.  The whole exploration of Mars is an interesting affair, which even turned up a mystery rock.  Exploration under the Antarctic ice is another great mystery, because who knows what will turn up?

I suppose the point is that there are still some great challenges facing mankind.  All sorts of things come up every single day.  The unknown, what if, why is, are all great questions that many people need to keep asking.  I’m rooting for the duo on Oak Island to get rich and famous, but more to find out exactly what secret is the island holding, if any at all?

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